onsdag 15. oktober 2008

ATC-swapp album: Puzzle-ATC's..and the winner is..

I am so happy for everyone who wanted to join this ATC swapp, altogether 12 persons in addition to myself. I have sent the ATC's back to you today, so most of you should have them tomorrow!!

The participants have been:

Anne Jorunn

From Rubberstampforum:
Anne I Pronk
Anne Kristin
Ragnhild (my dear creative sister)

Here are all the puzzled ATC's:

As I promissed I would draw a price between the participants, and it was Anne Jorunn who won!!

Congratulations Anne Jorunn!! A little surprise will come to you together with the ATC's :))

Thanks again to everyone! I hope you will attend again in one of my ATC'swapps!!

5 kommentarer:

Linda sa...

fikk flotte ATCer i posten i dag. takk for at jeg fikk være med på swapen din

Anonym sa...

I recived your fabulous ATC's today, safely and in one piece
I love it
Thanks again for the swap.

anne jorunn sa...

WoW!!! Vant jeg??!!
Fikk de lekre ATC'ene og en kjempeflott premie i posten igår. Tuuuuuusen takk!! Og tuuuuuusen takk for at du arrangerte nok en swap!! Håper du får en herlig helg!:)

Anonym sa...

Takk atter en gang for at du dro i gang denne swappen Gunn Marit, Så nydelige bidrag som er kommet inn! Og dine er jo helt suverene!!! Håper du har kost deg masse i Ski i helga!
Klem fra Anne I Pronk

Solveig sa...

Nydelig ATC'er du laga!
Tusen takk for at du nok en gang har holdt en swapp!
Håper du har det flott i Ski!